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Lets Begin Your 
10 Week Journey of Inner Healing & Energy Fortification!


Our next sojourn begins on Tuesday September 6, 2016

Each Session is 12 weeks.

The fee is $150 and includes:

-1 Course Text

-2 White Candles

-Crystal Healing Set

-Palo Santo Stick

-#9MindsOfSelf Incense

-#9MindsOfSelf Herbal Tea

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I humbly thank you for your purchase. At any time during your journey, should you need to, please feel free to email me regarding questions you may have about the text or exercises. Upon completing and if you feel moved to, I'd love to hear any and all feed back to be sure I am providing quality material for you. 

Remember to be trusting and patient with yourself. Pure honesty will assist in energy center clearing and healing. Otherwise, why even bother?

Ase o to a profound experience!

Mrs. EgunIyalode Coleman, Dr. PH

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