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Learn More About About Your Out-Of-Hospital Birthing Options

Did you know that Traditional Holistic Child Birth Supporters encourage the natural process and occurance of childbirth?

Using natural and organic indigenous traditional practices, #ThinkFreshWellness maintains that labor support specialists draw on their knowledge, honed skills, and experience to provide the birthing family with emotional support, physical comfort, and educational resources. We provide guidance in communication with care providers to make sure that you have the information you (and your birth partner) need to make informed decisions during labor. We help provide reassurance and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for helping labor to progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for your comfort. Dr. Coleman, an Holistic Wellness Specialist, applies methods that have been passed down for centuries by the 'Grand Mothers', "Yayas", or "Big Mommas" (Traditional Indigenous Midwives) of her lineage. Her membership in #TheAtlantaDoulaColective offers the birthing family access to resources in multiple industries from a genuinly caring network of knowledgable, skilled Indigenous Birth Related professionals. Holistically, it is important to provide multiple forms and modalities of authentic care and comfort to Mothers and babies. It supports overall well being that encourages a healthier quality and way of life.

It truly takes a village!

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At A Glance..

Welcome to #ThinkFreshWellness! A global healing house of natural remedy & therapies, organic life essentials, counseling/edu. + holistic ante/post ntl, birth & demise ('full spectrum') doula services. We are a collective and meeting place (Healing House) of PEACE, POWER, & UNDERSTANDING in ALL things Afrika. From our vegan, natural, and holistic Life Essentials, to our family and role respective growth initiatives, acredited certification, professional and compotent consultations, plus counseling services; we are here to restore balance and substance to our people and culture. 

With this renewed energy, we will UNIFY to Live, Eat. and Play... FRESH!

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Yeyemi Yoga Classes

Join us at Ile Iwosan (The Healing House) for a unique and intimate selection of meditation and yoga classes. Our sessions promote energy flow, flexibility, increases immunity, stimulates brain activity & functionality, detoxifies the body of impurities, & burns fat! 

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-Our Purpose-

If you are in need of family, grief, sex, HIV CTR, or marriage counseling services, please visit FTC Charity, Inc for assistance.

Holistic Wellness Specialist Online Certification
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Fall Quarter 2019

9/1 - 11/24

Sharing Briefly on the Winter Solstice...

Womb Wellness & Wisdom Workshop

An online presentation detailing the Complexities of African Spiritual Systems as they per-tain to African Wombmen born in America and mental illness; plus sharing holistic practices that promotes our well being. 

10/03/18 :: 10a - 1p

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The Carbon Upgrade International Wellness Retreat 2020

Jan 2020

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(BOOK: '9 Minds of Self: 10 Weeks of Energy Balancing & Healing')

All African Arts Gallery

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(BOOK: '9 Minds Of Self: 10 Weeks of Energy Balancing & Healing')


More About
Dr. Eguniyalode, PHS, HWS

In Beauty...

For 6 years, Mrs. Eguniyalode "Goldelocz" Coleman was the owner of Ice Crème Beauty Bar; an holistic salon & spa located in Charlotte, NC.  Through this outlet, she created #LeCremeHairCare (products are Patent Pending), a vegan hair care product line and Boucles de Creme; Premium Virgin Hair Extensions. She believes in NATURAL Beauty and LOVES bringing her clients to their inner hotness!! Lode is the 2012 Natural Hair Stylist of the Year Award Recipient. In 2013, she published a natural hair guild to help others in their transition, 

Wild, Kinky, & Conservative: A Mini Booklet to Hair Styling in Corporate America.

In Mental Health...

Dr. Eguniyalode Coleman specializes in holistic wellness, grief, sex, marriage, and family counseling services. When working with children, she understands and believes in fun expressive therapy alternatives as well as the quality of self-realization in children through paint/art. Too often, children are abused, neglected, or misunderstood in many family procedures. Art therapy is a great way for children to process and share their emotions without pressure or judgment. Conversely, Africans and American born Africans lack a common meeting place to gather in fellowship to relax, unapologetically... to simply be, "us". This realization brought forth "Convos & Cocktails". This event is a social gathering that provides a relaxed group counseling experience anonymously, via our "Brown Bag" discussions. Held monthly, this is an experience to not only socialize, but to gain healing and to work toward a better understanding on common (and NOT so common) issues with a group of your peers withOUT judgment.

In Wellness...

Certified in Holistic Wellness and a member of both the National Wellness Association & the American Holistic Health Association, Dr. Coleman works closely with community members in the promotion of preventative wellness and the lowering of (dis)ease and toxic life styles in our culture. Through this endeavor, Iyalode consults, coordinates, and motivates her clients to healthier ways of living through positive reinforcements and realistic yet attainable assessment goals.  With adults, she has noticed the lack of rest in today's society. As a personal wellness initiative, Lode facilitates deep relaxation and meditation sessions which allows for that much needed power boost in self reconnection we often disregard. In addition to this and in an effort to combat dependency to medication and over medicating; Dr. Coleman provides Drug Free Pain Management sessions to support a better quality of life that allows for the detoxification of the blood, organs, and mind; resulting in lucid thoughts and the rejuvenation of life cells in the body.

In Charity...

Dr.Coleman has been an HIV/AIDS awareness counselor since 2002. She is the founder of For the Cause STI Awareness Charity, Inc (FTC Charity, Inc). Through her charity, she provides HIV counseling, testing, and referrals; as well as outreach services to the community. In 2009, Eguniyalode published “The Role of Community Leaders: Finding Solutions to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic”; a research project. Through her commitment, Lode has successfully held the charity's annual Food and Clothing Drive for the past 12 years! She hosted her charity's first HIV/AIDS Walk QC on September 19, 2009 and the annual hair and fashion show, "#BeatAndTamed: Ice Walk" on World AIDS Day (WAD) of 2013.

In Writing...

Dr. Coleman shares her holistic insight, experiences, and perspectives through her writing contributions to

These titles include:

Magnet Therapy: Treating Heartburn While Pregnant

Aether & Maintaining the Body's Immunity

Balancing Under the New Libra Moon

The Evolving Parent

The "Drop" In North American Unemployment

Why Does One Get Cold When Anemic

Octavia has also self-published four (4) scientific research and reference books.

"9 Minds of Self: 10 Weeks of Energy Healing & Balancing." 2016

(Self-Improvement & Reference - 6x9 Paperback)

"How to Purify the Home, Mind, Body, & Spirit: Holistic Wellness Through Introspect." 2014

(Research & Reference - 6x9 Paperback)

"Wild, Kinky, & Conservative: A Mini Guide to Natural Hair Styling in Cooperate America." 2011

(Reference - 6x9 Paperback & E-book)

"The Role of the Community Leader: Finding Solutions to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic" 2009

(Research & Reference - 6x9 Paperback)

View more on these works HERE.